Users of BlackBerry KEY devices with physical keyboards are reporting a frustrating glitch in the Google Messages app that leaves them unable to see what they are typing.

According to reports, a recent update to the Google Messages app has left many BlackBerry users grappling with a frustrating glitch. The problem, which specifically affects devices with physical keyboards like the BlackBerry KEY2, KEY2 LE and Unihertz Titan, hides the typing box behind the keyboard suggestions, making it difficult for users to see what they are typing.

Below is a screenshot of what users see when the glitch strikes.


Google has yet to acknowledge the issue. But some affected users have found temporary solutions, such as turning off “show quick modes above keyboard” in the keyboard extension settings through Settings > BlackBerry Keyboard Settings > Keyboard extensions or tapping the SYM key twice to toggle the on-screen keyboard.

Others have resorted to uninstalling updates to revert to a previous version of the app, although this may result in losing RCS functionality. To do this, go to your device’s settings, find the “Apps & notifications” section, and select the Google Messages app. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose “Uninstall updates.” This will revert the app to an earlier version.


The glitch has sparked a mix of frustration and nostalgia among BlackBerry users, many of whom cherish their physical keyboards for efficiency and tactile feedback. But there’s hope that Google will address the issue promptly, as it significantly impacts the usability of the Google Messages app for a specific group of BlackBerry users whose devices rely on physical keyboards.

While the workarounds may offer temporary relief, they are not ideal solutions. Users are eagerly awaiting an official fix from Google that will restore the full functionality of the Google Messages app for BlackBerry KEY owners.

Be sure to share your experiences in online forums and social media to raise awareness of the issue and put pressure on Google to address it. The sooner Google acknowledges and fixes this Google Messages glitch, the sooner BlackBerry KEY users can enjoy a seamless messaging experience once again.

For now, if you’re facing this issue, try disabling predictive text, using the GBoard keyboard, or reverting to the factory version of Google Messages. And, as always, keep an eye out for updates from Google that might finally resolve this glitch.

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