Discord, the popular communication platform, is experimenting with a new feature that could change how users interact – a “last seen” status. This feature, familiar to users of platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, reveals how long ago someone was last online.

If you’re a Discord user, you’re probably familiar with the current system, which simply shows whether someone is online or offline. While this gives a basic sense of availability, it doesn’t offer the granular detail that many users crave. The new “last seen” feature aims to change that, bringing Discord in line with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Over the past few weeks, users have reported seeing the new “last seen” status pop up on their Discord app, indicating that the feature is in its testing phase.

According to a Discord staff member, the testing is limited to a small percentage of users. This cautious rollout is intended to gather feedback and ensure the feature adds value to the user experience. However, the introduction of this feature has understandably raised some privacy concerns. After all, not everyone wants their online activity tracked so closely. However, Discord staff have been quick to address these concerns, assuring users that privacy settings will be available to control who can see your “last seen” status. They also emphasized that no new information is being collected; the feature simply makes existing data more visible.

Importantly, the “last seen” status will only be displayed for a maximum of 48 hours. If you’ve been offline (or invisible) for longer than that, no one will be able to see this information. Additionally, the feature will respect your “Invisible” status, meaning that if you choose to remain hidden, you won’t be shown as “recently online” even if you briefly go online.

For now, only a small percentage of users have access to the “last seen” feature. If you’re one of them, you can see it displayed below your friends’ names in the Friends List, as shown in the screenshot.


If this feature rolls out more widely, it will undoubtedly change the way we use Discord. It could be a helpful tool for coordinating with friends or checking in on someone’s activity. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential privacy implications and adjust your settings accordingly.

So, what do you think of this new feature? Will you use it, or will you opt out? Let us know in the comments below.

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