In a recent update, Google Maps on iOS has encountered a frustrating glitch for users who rely on the app for live traffic information. Since the release of version 6.121.1, some iOS users have reported that the once reliable traffic color indicators — green, yellow (orange/amber), and red — have disappeared, leaving only blue lines. This issue has disrupted the app’s ability to accurately depict traffic conditions, making it difficult for users to plan their journeys effectively.

Traditionally, Google Maps uses a straightforward color scheme to display traffic conditions: green for light traffic, yellow/orange for moderate congestion, and red for heavy traffic. This real-time traffic data is sourced from other Google Maps users, ensuring up-to-date information. However, the recent update has left many iOS users seeing only blue lines, regardless of the actual traffic situation.

While the issue appears to have started after the recent Google Maps update to v6.121.1, it doesn’t seem to affect all iOS users. Some, including myself, have not encountered the problem on their iPhones. This inconsistency suggests it might be region-dependent or tied to specific device configurations. But that’s just me thinking aloud, though. Notably, Android and desktop users remain unaffected.

The good news is that the issue has been escalated to Google. A forum product expert acknowledged the growing complaints and said the company is investigating the matter. However, there’s no word yet on when a fix might be available.

In the meantime, affected users have found workarounds like using Google Maps in incognito mode or logging out of their accounts. However, these solutions are not ideal and may not work for everyone.

This glitch has significantly impacted users who depend on Google Maps for accurate traffic information. Hopefully, Google will roll out a swift resolution to this unexpected and frustrating glitch. But for now, it seems, the road ahead is a bit bluer than usual.

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