Frustration is mounting among Pixel Buds users as a critical feature, Find My Device, has seemingly stopped working for many. The feature, designed to help locate misplaced earbuds by showing their last known location, has been failing to deliver in recent weeks.

The problem appears widespread, affecting users across different Pixel Buds models, including the A-Series and Pro. Users have reported that the Find My Device app or webpage displays no location data at all. It simply shows the last time the device was connected, offering no help in actually finding the lost earbuds.

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed the cause of this problem, several theories have emerged, with most fingers pointing towards a recent change in how Google Maps handles location data. Previously, location data was stored in the cloud, tied to the user’s Google account. However, Google recently shifted to storing this data locally on devices, linking it to individual devices rather than accounts. This shift, known as Timeline, was announced in December 2023 and has led many to speculate that it’s disrupting the location tracking capabilities of Pixel Buds.

Adding fuel to this theory, some Pixel Buds users have reported that location history in Find My Device works perfectly fine on older Google accounts where Timeline hasn’t been rolled out yet. This disparity further suggests a link between the new Timeline and the malfunctioning location tracking. Another theory suggests that the issue might be related to an upcoming update that aims to enhance the “Find My Device” feature for Pixel Buds Pro, enabling them to leverage the new Find My Device network more effectively. However, both theories remain unconfirmed.

The issue has sparked a series of complaints on Google’s support forums and community pages. Users have detailed their troubleshooting attempts, including resetting their Pixel Buds, checking Google account settings, and even factory resetting their devices – all to no avail.

A product expert in the community forum has acknowledged the problem, stating that Google is aware of the issue. The bug has also been “Assigned” in the Issue Tracker, meaning it’s already on Google’s radar. This was in April, though, and still no fix nearly three months later. Furthermore, there’s no word on when a fix might be available, which is a bit frustrating for such a glaring issue.


But until a fix arrives, you might want to keep a closer eye on your Pixel Buds than usual.

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