Instagram users on iOS are up in arms after the latest app update seemingly wiped out the “Invite Collaboration” button on Reels. This handy feature, which allows creators to co-author and share content, is mysteriously absent when switching to video or Reels mode, although it remains accessible for regular posts.

The issue appears to be tied to the recent Instagram update on iOS devices, as users reported no problems before the update and the button is still present on Android devices. However, a few Android users have also reported some glitches with the collaboration feature lately, such as tagged collaborators disappearing after editing Reels.

My tests can confirm that the Invite collaboration option is still present on the latest Android version of Instagram, both on regular posts and Reels. However, on my iPhone, the option is missing when posting a reel but is still there when sharing a normal photo. The sudden disappearance of the feature has left creators scrambling for answers, especially those who rely on collaboration for their content.

Several users on social media and online forums have voiced their complaints in search of solutions. Some have tried reinstalling the app or logging out and back in, but to no avail.

While Instagram has yet to acknowledge the issue officially, the timing of the update strongly suggests it could be the culprit. This wouldn’t be the first time an app update has caused unexpected issues, and users are hoping for a swift fix from Instagram.

In the meantime, creators are encouraged to collaborate using other features, such as tagging each other in posts or sharing Reels to their Stories. While these workarounds may not be as seamless as the dedicated collaboration feature, they can help keep collaborative projects alive until the issue is resolved.

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I’ve tried everything, logging out, uninstalling, changing to private then back to business, but nothing is working. kindly let me know if anyone knows how to fix it

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