Instagram users are encountering a frustrating new issue where an ad for Meta’s “Super Rumble” game pops up on all Instagram stories, including their own. The ad, displaying the text “Super Rumble” along with “24 here now” and a “Go to World” button, prevents users from liking stories as the overlay covers the like button.

Users have reported that the ad not only covers the like button, preventing them from interacting with stories, but also redirects them to the Meta Quest store when they try to dismiss it. This has sparked a flurry of complaints across social media platforms, with users expressing their annoyance and seeking solutions.

“This ad or promotion, whatever it is, is literally preventing me from liking stories as it covers the like button. Very frustrating,” one user lamented. Another user exclaimed, “Instagram virus? Has anyone seen this on their IG before? It just started doing today. At the bottom of my stories, it says Super Rumble and 24 here with a green dot and then on the left side says Go to World. It will not go away and I’ve tried restarting my phone and closing out the app.”


The issue appears to be a glitch, possibly stemming from Meta’s attempt to promote the “Super Rumble” game, released in 2023 for the Meta Quest. It’s possible that the ad may have been mistakenly triggered on Instagram accounts. However, some users fear it might be a virus or a glitch within the Instagram app itself.

Fortunately, a simple solution has emerged. Affected users have reported that updating the Instagram app to the latest version available for their device resolves the issue. This quick fix appears to eliminate the intrusive ad, restoring the normal functionality of Instagram stories. To update your Instagram app, follow these steps:

    1. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
    2. Search for “Instagram.”
    3. If an update is available, tap “Update.”

Meta has not yet officially addressed the issue, but these reports suggest that it’s a problem affecting only a few users.

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