Sonos recently engaged in an AMA with its users on Reddit, addressing concerns and shedding light on upcoming updates. The discussion, led by a Sonos Community Manager, provided valuable insights into the company’s efforts to improve its app and address recent user frustrations.

The conversation began with an acknowledgment of the progress made since the launch of the redesigned Sonos app. While some features have been successfully restored, the company acknowledged that there’s still a way to go before achieving full parity with the previous version. However, Sonos assured users that more updates are on the horizon, promising the return of certain features and the resolution of emerging issues.

One of the main concerns raised by users was the loss of seamless switching between systems in different locations. Sonos confirmed that this was unintended and that they are actively working to restore this functionality. However, there’s no ETA.

    Yes, this is not intended and we’re working to bring back that seamless switch. No hard date to share just yet – but it is coming back.

Users also inquired about specific missing features and bugs. The absence of the “Uncompressed” option for Line-In audio compression was noted, and Sonos promised to investigate the matter further. The company also confirmed that tickets have been filed to reintroduce details about device connectivity and TV audio formats in the “About My System” section. Additionally, the return of “HD” and “HiRes” badges for lossless music playback is expected as part of upcoming improvements to local libraries.

Queue management was another area of focus, with users requesting the ability to add artists and genres to the queue, adjust the sequence of items, and have both “play next” and “play last” options. Sonos confirmed that full queue management capabilities will be making a comeback.

    Yes to all the above. Full Queue Management will be making it’s way back to the Sonos app. We are not finished there. It’s hard to communicate a specific date or even time frame at the moment as we are still prioritizing feature returns on that path to parity. More to come on this one.

Questions about latency were also raised, with some users concerned about potential latency issues due to Sonos’ backend infrastructure’s location. Sonos clarified that the issue is likely not related to server location but rather something within the app itself. They assured users that they are actively investigating the latency problem.

A recurring issue with random muting was acknowledged by Sonos, and they assured users that a ticket has been created to address this problem. Users experiencing this issue are encouraged to contact Sonos support to be notified when a fix is available, but at this time there’s no ETA.

The discussion also touched on the app’s problematic handling of large playlists, with users reporting that only the first 100 songs of a playlist are shuffled. Sonos clarified that the limit should still be 10,000 tracks and suggested that certain playlists might be timing out. They encouraged users experiencing this issue to contact support for further investigation.

The company also addressed the broader concern about the current state of the app and whether the executive team understands the extent of user frustration. Sonos acknowledged the frustration and assured users that the executive leadership team is well aware of the feedback received through social media and support channels.

Internally, there is a strong sense of commitment to addressing these issues and regaining user trust. Regular feedback sessions with various departments and executives are taking place to ensure that user concerns are heard and acted upon. While the CEO has not been directly involved in these discussions, the feedback is being channeled up through multiple levels of management.

    The entire executive leadership team (ELT) are well aware of the impact we see across social media and our support channels. When they are ready/comfortable to provide another statement, they will.

Overall, the conversation highlighted Sonos’s commitment to addressing user feedback and improving its app. While some features are still in the works, the company’s transparency and willingness to engage with users are positive signs. Sonos users can look forward to upcoming updates that promise to restore functionality and enhance their overall experience.

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