Mac users, particularly those on older macOS versions like Catalina and Big Sur, have been reporting a frustrating crashing issue with the Discord app since its recent update. The app simply refuses to open, leaving users staring at a blank grey or black screen before crashing in a continuous loop.

The problem isn’t isolated either. A chorus of disgruntled users has taken to social media platforms like X and Reddit to voice their complaints. Some have shared their unsuccessful attempts at troubleshooting, including reinstalling the app, clearing cache files, and even switching to Google DNS.

“It was working fine yesterday!” one user lamented, echoing the sentiments of many others who found the app suddenly unusable after the update. Even switching to Discord’s Public Test Build (PTB) or Canary clients hasn’t resolved the issue for those who tried. While there isn’t much activity coming from the macOS Sonoma camp, it seems even they haven’t been entirely spared. One user on the latest macOS version reported experiencing the same crashing problem, but I couldn’t find similar reports from other Sonoma users.

The silence from Discord support has only added to the frustration. Despite multiple requests for help on X, there’s been no official word on whether a fix is in the works. This has left many users feeling abandoned and unsure when they can expect a resolution. Thankfully, there’s an easy workaround to temporarily address this annoying issue with Discord crashing on Mac.

While the Mac app remains stubbornly unusable, the browser version of Discord continues to work flawlessly. Be it Safari, Chrome or Firefox, you can access the platform through the browser without any crashing issues. This lifeline allows users to stay connected with their communities and friends, albeit with a slightly different experience.

So, for now, Mac users will have to make do with Discord in their browser. It’s not ideal, but it’s a functional workaround until Discord addresses the crashing issue plaguing its Mac app. Let’s hope they’re working on a solution as you read this.

Featured image: Discord Blog

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