Motorola’s Moto G84 has been making waves in the mid-range smartphone market, but it’s not all smooth sailing for some users. Two persistent issues have been plaguing the device, causing frustration and leaving owners questioning their purchase.

The first issue revolves around audio quality. Users have reported underwhelming sound experiences, whether they’re using wired headphones or Bluetooth connections. Some describe the audio as lacking clarity and depth, with vocals losing their charm. Others lament the low volume levels, even with Dolby Atmos enabled. One user even compared the audio quality to a six-year-old budget smartphone, a stark contrast to the G84’s otherwise impressive specs.

The second issue is the inconsistency of the double-tap to wake feature. While it works intermittently, users have found that the phone often remains unresponsive after a period of inactivity, requiring the power button to be pressed. This renders the double-tap to wake feature practically useless, adding another layer of frustration to the overall Moto G84 user experience.

What’s particularly disheartening for Moto G84 owners is that these issues have persisted since the Android 13 days. Hopes were high that the recent upgrade to Android 14 would address these problems, but they continue to linger. This has led some to speculate whether the problems might be hardware-related, a concern that Motorola has yet to address directly.

Despite the mounting frustration, Motorola has consistently acknowledged both the poor audio quality and double-tap to wake issues and assured Moto G84 users that their team is actively working on resolving them. However, the lack of a concrete timeline for a fix has left many feeling in the dark. For Moto G84 users who rely on their phones for music, podcasts, or audiobooks, the audio quality issue is a major drawback. Similarly, those who value convenience find the inconsistent double-tap to wake feature to be a constant annoyance.

While Motorola’s acknowledgment of the poor audio quality and double-tap to wake issues is a positive step, the prolonged wait for a solution is testing the patience of many Moto G84 owners. The question remains: will Motorola be able to deliver a fix that satisfies users, or will these persistent problems tarnish the reputation of an otherwise promising device? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, affected users can only hope that Motorola’s engineers are working tirelessly to resolve these issues and restore the Moto G84 to its full potential. After all, a smartphone is more than just a collection of features; it’s a tool that should enhance our daily lives, not hinder them.

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