Update 12/07/24: Here’s an update from Motorola support:

Hello Everyone,

I know how frustrating it is that your problem with notifications still hasn’t been fixed even though the recent update that our team has released has the improvement for it. What we can recommend is to reflash the device through the RSA tool. I know this may be hard to try, but this is the last resort we can provide since some of you already tried resetting it. Some users have confirmed that theirs has been improved by the recent update. This means that the improvement is there, it’s just that it was not applied to all of the affected devices.

Original article follows:

It’s a tale as old as time (or at least, October 2023): you’re eagerly awaiting a crucial WhatsApp message, but your trusty Motorola phone has other plans. Seconds turn into minutes, then hours, and that notification? Nowhere to be found. Welcome to the frustrating world of delayed or missing WhatsApp notifications that has plagued Motorola users for months on end.

This isn’t just a minor inconvenience. For many, WhatsApp is a lifeline — connecting them to loved ones, colleagues, and even business opportunities. Imagine losing a potential client because your phone decided to take a nap during business hours. Or missing out on an emergency because that notification simply refused to pop up when your sister sent a message on the family group. It’s infuriating, and it’s not the kind of experience anyone expects from a brand like Motorola.

The origin of the story and a cry for help

The first cries for help echoed in the Motorola forums in October. Users of the then-new Motorola Edge 40 Neo reported a bewildering issue with delayed WhatsApp notifications as if they were playing a game of hide and seek. Sometimes they’d arrive minutes or even hours late, other times they’d vanish into the digital ether, never to be seen again. The only way to break the silence? Manually opening the app, where it would take a few seconds to load before unleashing a flood of long-lost messages.

I have been seeing an issue with notifications delay in WhatsApp. I did not realise in the beginning but I started observing when I am facing lot more times and longer delays. When I open the app again, then it starts loading and sometimes even after opening and sending a message, it takes few seconds to send the message and then all the messages start popping up on the screen.

The culprit, it seemed, was a bug lurking within the phone’s software. It was as if the phone, in its quest for battery optimization, had decided that WhatsApp notifications weren’t important enough to warrant immediate attention. With Motorola’s years of experience, I’d be quick to expect a swift resolution for what seems like a minor problem, but I could be wrong. Or maybe I am.

A chorus of frustration throughout the forums

As the reports piled up, a chorus of frustrated users joined in, their voices echoing across various online platforms. From Motorola forums to Reddit threads, the message was clear: delayed or missing WhatsApp notifications wasn’t an isolated incident. The issue wasn’t limited to the Edge 40 Neo; it was affecting multiple Motorola devices, spanning different models and even Android versions. It’s also not entirely a WhatsApp issue. Users have also reported delayed or missing notifications on Telegram, Instagram, Gmail and other apps.

Users tried everything: tweaking battery settings, disabling optimization, even resetting their devices. Nothing seemed to work consistently. The issue persisted, casting a shadow over the Motorola experience.

Motorola is aware of delayed WhatsApp notifications issue

Initially, Motorola support acknowledged the problem, assuring users that a fix was in the works. The company promised improvements in future updates, but a timeline remained elusive. As the months dragged on, frustration mounted. Finally, Motorola pinned their hopes on Android 14, claiming that the update would resolve the notification woes.

But alas, the promised land never arrived. Early adopters who eagerly installed Android 14 were met with disappointment. The issue remained, casting a pall over the latest update. It was a bitter pill to swallow for those who had invested in a Motorola device, only to be let down by such a fundamental flaw.


The delayed WhatsApp notifications fiasco has done more than just frustrate users; it has tarnished Motorola’s reputation. In the competitive smartphone market, trust is paramount. When a brand fails to deliver on its promises or address such a basic issue, it erodes that trust. Users who once championed Motorola now find themselves questioning their loyalty.

It’s a reminder that even established brands can stumble, but it’s even more frustrating to think this is coming from a company that seemed to be finding its feet again. In the race to innovate, sometimes the basics get overlooked. And for Motorola users, the basics of communication have become a daily struggle. The good thing is Motorola is still actively looking into this issue and hopefully it will be fully addressed in the near future.


As of now, the fate of Motorola’s delayed WhatsApp notification issue remains uncertain. Android 15 is on the horizon, but there’s no guarantee it will be the savior some may be hoping for. Motorola has also promised to address network issues that might be contributing to the problem, but it’s a waiting game.

For now, users are left with a choice: endure the frustration, switch to a different messaging app, or even abandon their Motorola devices altogether. It’s a lose-lose situation for both the brand and its customers.

The delayed WhatsApp notifications saga is incredibly frustrating. It’s a story of broken promises, tarnished reputations, and users who feel left in the lurch. And hopefully for Motorola, it’s a lesson learned the hard way: never underestimate the power of a simple notification.

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Mr Howard Walker12-07-2024

I sent my Motorola g63 back to EE from where i bought it When using android auto using WiFi the vsttery ran out after half an hour or so. If I left the power lead plugged in the phone got so hot it would switch off. They said the main board was danaged and demanded more than the cost of a new zone to fix it. So I told them no and they sent it back. It works perfectly except when using android auto. I've been using Motorola phones for over 20 years. If they don't fix this mess caused by android 14 I'm changing supplier.

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