Motorola Edge 40 Pro owners have been grappling with a persistent issue for months where CrystalTalk AI, a feature designed to ensure crystal-clear communication by reducing interference from background noise, has instead been a source of frustration for many. According to multiple reports, the Moto Edge 40 Pro has an issue with excessive background noise during calls and voice recordings, making it difficult for others to hear them clearly.

This issue has been a thorn in the side of Edge 40 Pro users for months, with complaints flooding the Lenovo forum since October 2023. One user lamented, “The WhatsApp voice messages are extremely noisy and capture absolutely everything that is happening around me, so it’s hard to hear my own voice alone.” This sentiment has been echoed by countless others who experienced similar problems, not only on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook but also during regular voice calls.

Motorola, to their credit, has been actively engaged with affected users throughout this ordeal. Their support team has diligently collected feedback and forwarded it to the development team, assuring users that they are working on a solution. One user even visited a service center in early April 2024 and was told an update was in the works.

True to their word, it seems a glimmer of hope has finally emerged with the latest May 2024 security patch for the Motorola Edge 40 Pro, with some users who received this update reporting significant improvements in the background noise issue. One user from Argentina, who had been in constant communication with Motorola support, shared their success story on the forum: “2 days ago I had a patch updated and the sound problem was finally fixed!”


However, not all users have experienced a complete resolution. Some report that while the update has brought improvements, the audio quality is still not as clear as they would like. While the audios have improved and are understandable for the most part, they are still not as clear compared to other Moto devices.

Despite this, the May update marks a significant step forward in addressing the CrystalTalk AI issue. For many Motorola Edge 40 Pro owners, this is good news and a long-awaited relief. However, it’s clear that there’s still work to be done. Motorola’s commitment to resolving this issue is commendable, and users can be hopeful that future updates will further refine the CrystalTalk AI experience.

For now, Motorola Edge 40 Pro owners who have been struggling with background noise can breathe a sigh of relief. The May update may not be a perfect fix for everyone, but it’s a sign that Motorola is listening and working hard to deliver the crystal-clear communication that CrystalTalk AI promises.

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