Samsung appears to be quietly phasing out its own messaging app, Samsung Messages, in favor of Google Messages. This move, while not officially announced, has become increasingly evident as users report being notified within their messaging app that Google Messages is now the default.

The transition began in 2021 when Samsung started shipping its flagship phones, like the Galaxy S21 series, with Google Messages as the default messaging app in certain regions. This trend continued with the Galaxy S22, S23, and S24 series, making Google Messages the out-of-the-box default in the United States and other markets.

In fact, during the launch of the Galaxy S24 series earlier this year, hawkeyed fans spotted early hints of this transition where only Google Messages was showcased and used in demonstrations. Furthermore, users attempting to open Samsung Messages on demo S24 units in the US were met with a pop-up screen directing them to the Google Messages app.

While Samsung has always allowed users to switch back to Samsung Messages as their preferred app, recent developments suggest a more decisive move towards Google’s offering. Not long ago, some users started noticing that Samsung Messages had lost RCS support.

Now, several others report being unable to revert back to Samsung Messages even after selecting it as their default. They are instead met with a pop-up stating that Google Messages is the default, and in some cases, the option to choose Samsung Messages seems to be disabled. Here’s a video shared on Reddit showing the inactive option to switch back to Samsung Messages app.

This has led to speculation that Samsung Messages may be on its way out, leaving Google Messages as the only messaging app option on Samsung Galaxy phones. While this could streamline the messaging experience and ensure wider RCS compatibility, it’s a significant change for users who prefer Samsung’s interface and features.

This is further compounded by a recent bug in Google Meet that crashed the Samsung Messages app on multiple devices. While this highlighted the ongoing use of the app, it also raised concerns about its future. While Samsung has not officially confirmed the phasing out of its Messages app, the lack of significant updates to the app in recent times and this push towards Google Messages suggest that the company might be moving in that direction.

The lack of official communication from Samsung has caused confusion among users. Some lament the potential loss of Samsung Messages’ unique features, while others express concerns about Google’s increasing control over their digital lives. Here’s a video that also offers more insights into this situation:

The increasing push towards Google Messages along with the technical issues and lack of major updates for Samsung Messages app indicates that it might only be a matter of time before Samsung users worldwide have no option but to switch to Google Messages. For many loyal Samsung Messages users, this change is unwelcome. But the shift aligns with a broader trend towards integrating more of Google’s services into Samsung’s ecosystem.

Despite the uncertainty, it’s clear that Samsung is actively pushing users towards Google Messages. But whether this is an unintentional pop-up or a permanent change remains to be seen. If I were you, I’d start to explore Google Messages and adapt to what now appears as the new default.

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