If you’ve opened TikTok in the past 24 hours and found your For You Page (FYP) flooded with irrelevant content, TikTok shop ads, and videos in languages you don’t understand, you’re not alone. Many users are reporting a significant disruption in their curated FYP experience, with some describing it as “broken.”

The problem

Users across Reddit are voicing their frustrations. Some report seeing nothing but TikTok shop ads, while others are getting content in Spanish or about fishing, despite never engaging with such content. One user, humorously commented, “my fyp suddenly thinks i’m a 50 yr old man who speaks spanish and loves to fish.”

The issue isn’t just irrelevant content; it’s also repetitive. Users like u/JumboJelly128 mentioned seeing the same videos repeatedly, even after closing and reopening the app. Others, like u/cyruiel, scrolled past “20 TikTok shop videos in a row.”

What’s causing this?

While TikTok hasn’t officially commented, it appears to be a glitch in the algorithm. Some users speculate it might be related to the ongoing TikTok Shop Summer Sale, with u/kathal410 suggesting, “they may be pushing those videos much harder.”

What you can do?

Use the “Not Interested” button: Many users are hitting “not interested” on irrelevant videos. However, some do claim that the algorithm gets worse after clearing the app’s cache.

Engage with preferred content: Try searching for and interacting with videos you usually enjoy. Like, comment, and share to reinforce your preferences to the algorithm. This is a hack I personally use to get the algorithm back in order on Instagram. So it’s more than likely to help you get TikTok’s ‘For You Page’ to once again recommend you content you like.

Block keywords: A few users suggest blocking certain words like “#tiktokshop” to reduce shop ads. This should, in theory, help remove most, if not all, of the spammy TikTok shop content.

Wait it out: Given the widespread nature of the issue, it’s likely a bug that TikTok will need to fix on their end. So you might just have to wait for a server-side fix to go live.

What not to do

Don’t rely solely on the “Refresh Your For You Feed” feature in settings. Users report mixed results, with some finding it makes things worse. Also, avoid uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I noticed several comments from affected users claiming that they tried this without success.

The bigger picture

Some users see a silver lining. u/clearmycache noted, “Lovely for TikTok to care about the mental health of its users by making it less addictive.” Others, like u/___flowerchild, are less optimistic: “If this how it’s gonna be they can just ban it.”

In conclusion, while TikTok works to resolve this issue, try the above steps to reclaim your FYP. And remember, as frustrating as it is to see fishing videos instead of your usual content, this glitch is likely temporary. Stay patient, and your perfectly curated FYP should return soon.

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