Waze, the popular navigation app known for its community-driven features, has hit a sour note with users over a recent issue that has silenced their personalized driving instructions. For months, some Waze users have reported that custom voices, a beloved feature that allows them to hear directions in their own voice or those of loved ones, have gone silent after a suspected app update.

One user reported that their Waze voice navigation stopped working entirely, both on their phone screen and car screen, despite trying various fixes like resetting, reinstalling, and changing sound settings. Another user shared their disappointment over not being able to use a custom voice recording of their 6-year-old son, a feature that once added a personal touch to their daily commute.

Others express similar frustrations, with some even joking about taking legal action for the “sentimental damage” caused by the loss of their custom voices. The issue has sparked complaints across online forums and social media, with users desperately seeking solutions.

Waze has acknowledged the problem, stating that they are actively working on a resolution, but have not provided an estimated time of arrival for the fix. This lack of clarity has fueled user discontent, but at least you can rest assured something is being done about it.

However, resourceful users have discovered a temporary workaround that involves downgrading to an older version of the Waze app, specifically version 4.101. This older version, available on platforms like APKPure and APKMirror, has been reported to restore the functionality of custom voices for some users. But even with this workaround, additional steps may be required to activate the voices, such as selecting a specific default voice and force-closing the app. Here’s what one user did to restore custom voices on Waze:


While this workaround provides a glimmer of hope for those missing their custom voices, it is not a perfect solution. Downgrading to an older app version can come with its own set of risks and challenges, such as potential security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues with newer devices.

This situation highlights the importance of custom features for app users. For many, hearing a loved one’s voice during their commute is more than just a novelty — it’s a cherished part of their daily routine. As Waze continues to address this problem, users are hopeful that their treasured custom voices will soon return and restore the personal touch that makes the app so unique.

For now, you’ll have to rely on the temporary workaround or settle for the generic voices offered by the app.

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