Sonos users are growing increasingly frustrated with the performance of the company’s redesigned app. Since its launch, the app has been plagued by latency issues, causing delays in volume adjustments, slow response times, and difficulty accessing playlists.

The lag has been so severe for some users that it has made the app virtually unusable. Many have taken to online forums to vent their frustrations, with some even calling for a rollback to the previous version of the app.

Sonos has previously acknowledged the problem and even assured users that they are actively working on a solution. And in a recent Reddit comment, a Sonos staff member stated that there are several issues contributing to the sluggish performance and that there won’t be a single fix for everything. However, they promised that performance will gradually improve as each issue gets addressed.


Users have reported a wide range of latency-related problems. Some have experienced delays of up to 30 seconds when adjusting the volume, while others have found that the app takes an eternity to load or simply fails to load at all. The issue affects both iOS and Android devices but isn’t present on the web or older versions of the app.

The slow response times have made it difficult for some users to control their music playback, while others have reported that the lag makes it hard to select the correct volume level. Some have even suggested that the app’s reliance on cloud services may be contributing to the problem.

While Sonos hasn’t provided a specific timeline for when the latency issues will be fixed, they have promised to keep users updated on their progress. In the meantime, users will be hoping that the company can quickly resolve the problems and restore the app to its former glory.

The frustration among Sonos users is palpable, but there is also a sense of hope that the company will be able to deliver on its promise of a fix.

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